A great Polled opportunity!

LOT #34 in Holstein Qubec's Embryo Sale on November 1,2013

A Lot of 4 embryos by Mr Rollen-NS Camr LONG P x Pine Tree 1258 Mity 4771!

An opportunity for a polled- potential Homozygous Rudolph Missy!  Be last to bid on this lot



Several animals are on flush programs.

Inquiries are always welcome

Our favorite cows

 She Polled and she's and Outcross! 

Pine-Tree 1258 Mity 4771
Pine-Tree 1258 Mity 4771  Holstein Canada
a VG 2yr Mity is a 1980GTPI polled *RDC from the Rudolph Missys. She is a maternal sister to "Mogul's" dam, and the former #1 GTPI female DeSu 199 Chart Topper (dam of Ballisto and Davinci)

It doesn't get much better than this!
Inquiries welcome, Mity is on a flush program

 Unique and awesome! 

Welcome-I Laveer Cameron
Welcome-I Laveer Cameron  Holstein Canada
a December Cameron x Kellercrest Super Liesl VG87 2yr
GTPI 2282 $NM668 PTAT3.02 DPR +2.8
From the great Kellercrest Shottle Loni family
No Planet, Goldwyn, or Oman in the pedigree

Will be on a flush program this fall
Inquiries are welcome

 A Special Jr 2yr for 2012! Royal Ready!! 

Cherry Crest Goldwyn Aspire
Cherry Crest Goldwyn Aspire  Holstein Canada
All- Atlantic Jr 2yr and Res. All-Ontario Jr 2yr in 2012!
1st Jr 2yr, Inter. Champion and HM Grand Champion @ Atlantic Summer Classic in PEI!
She is a Goldwyn from Eastsiide Lewisdale Aspire VG-88 (damion) x Stadacona Outside Abel VG88 26*
Her dam is a maternal sister to the one and only Sup. Champ. Missy EX-96!
Inquiries welcome
Housed at Regwall Holsteins, Elmsdale, PEI
owned with Regwall, Bonnechere, Trekili and International Genetics

 An early Highway from the Alicia's! 

Alphagen Highway Adele
Alphagen Highway Adele  Holstein Canada
an Aug 2012 Highway from the heart of the Alicia's. Her dam is a VG 86 Observer x VG SHottle x Ex97 Shoremar S Alicia

her GTPI is 2208 with high health traits

Flushing to "Wild Beast"


Sully Planet Manitoba GP-83
Sully Planet Manitoba GP-83  Holstein Canada
Her Daughter: Sully Giafeeti 300 is the #1 Grafeeti daughter in Canada with a GLPI 3370 and DGV 3585! She is Maitobas highest testing daughter. She ranks in the top 30 genomically tested heifers and is one of the highest without Man O Man and Snowman in the pedigree! She has a a GTPI of 2385 with a $NM 815!
The picture is her dam Sully Planet Manitoba GP83 DOM- dam of "Meridian" at Semex and is from the same family as Mayfield, McCutchen and AltaMeteor!!
300 has a daughter and Bull by Doorman

 The best of the Snd Hands 

Farnear Millie Mormann
Farnear Millie Mormann  Holstein Canada
The Moguls are on the grounjd from this special Observer Daughter, Millie! She has a GPA LPI 2906 DGV 3100, +16 conf. and 116 HL. She is the total package!! Her dam Affinity Milli Snd Shottle VG 88 2yr was as high as the #3 PTAT cow of the breed. Her Dam Gillette Blitz Snd Hand VG 86 4* - full sister to Canada's 2011 cow of the year, 2nd Wind!!

Wild-Straws-I Millivolt Mogul didnt diappoint coming back at PA GLPI of 3455 DGV of 3823, 2291 kgs milk, +19 conf. 112 HL 2.45 SCS!! GTPI 2407 767$NM 3.48PTAT!! A huge Thank you to Ferme Micheret for their purchase of Millivolt at International Intrigue

 Shottle Loni Family 

Kellercrest Super Liesl
Kellercrest Super Liesl  Holstein Canada
Welcome-I Laveer Cameron
2320 GTPI 671$NM 3.19 PTAT +2.8 DPR and 5.1PL!!
She is a Cameron from Kellercrest Super Liesl!
She is the full sister to Select Sires high ranking Kellercrest Super LAYNE!
This is an extreme health trait family! Dairymans dream! TOTAL Package!

 Transmitter of Excellence 

Rusendale Lizzy Charles EX 10*
Rusendale Lizzy Charles EX 10*  Holstein Canada
12-00 365 12,373 kg 4.6% 3.5% (238-302-261)
Dam : VG-86 4*
Progeny : 2 EX, 5 VG
Lizzy is fresh since December 25 when she calved with a heifer by Shamrock!

 EX Lorna daughter x Carisma 

Rusendale Lazar Carisma EX 2E 1*
Rusendale Lazar Carisma EX 2E 1*  Holstein Canada
4-06 365 14,072 kg 4.9% 3.6% (256-325-279)
1 Super three award
Dam: Lorna Integrity VG-87 • 2nd Dam: Lizzy Charles EX 10*
3rd Dam: VG-86 4*
Daughters x Dundee VG-86 2Yr, Duplex GP84,83, Goldwyn, Atwood, Palermo, Braxton, Sanchez VG86, Lexor & Planet
25 embryos exported worldwide
4th gen. VG or EX
Daughters by Palermo and Goldwyn made up the 1st place Jr Herd @ Shawville Fair 2012

Due in November 2013 to Numero Uno

 Our branch of the Roxy's 

DAR086 Dixie Rae VG
DAR086 Dixie Rae VG  Holstein Canada
Dixie Rae is an Advent x Scientific Daquiri Rae VG 88 2yr (talent) x Scientific Debutante Rae EX 92!
We house her daughters by Mr Burns and Secure

Her Secure daughter is fresh and her Mr Burns is Due in March 2013 to Meridian

 3rd Summer Yrlg at the EOWQ Championship Show 

Gouldhaven Sanchez Lula *RDC
Gouldhaven Sanchez Lula *RDC  Holstein Canada
Proj. 14438kg 4.5%f 3.0%p 382-433-374
dam - Roesbett Rubens London VG-88 1*
full sister to "Lakeside-Red" at Foundation Sires
2nd Dam - Stonetown Star Lillian VG-88 11*
Next Dams: VG, EX 3*, VG-86 2*, EX 2*, VG 3*
Daughter by Atwood DGV +21 Conformation
Owned with Bonnechere Holsteins

Due September 2013 to Damion

 New arrival at Rusendale 

Ste Odile Shottle Irika
Ste Odile Shottle Irika  Holstein Canada
Mat. Sister of the #1 GLPI in Canada (04/11),
Les091 Baxter Model Iris VG-86 2Yr - GLPI +3205
Dam: Les091 Goldwyn Model Rubis VG-89 - GLPI +2555
tracing back to the Laurie Shiek family!

Scored VG 2yr at 1 month fresh

Due in September 2013 to De Su Jerod

 EX 91 Gibson daughter of Lizzy 

Rusendale Lucielle Gibson EX-91
Rusendale Lucielle Gibson EX-91  Holstein Canada
4-11 365 16,597 kg 4.3% 3.4% (275-305-282)
2 Superior Lactations
Dam: Lizzy Charles EX 10* • 2nd Dam : VG-86 4*
2nd 3-Yr-Old Pontiac 2008
Fresh June 2 with a heifer by "Grafeeti"
Loveboat Grafeeti has a GPA LPI 1860 DGV 1946

 Sanchez from Lone Raider VG 88 

Rusendale Lammy Sanchez VG
Rusendale Lammy Sanchez VG  Holstein Canada
Pictured at 14 days fresh (2yr)
She is a full sister to Lakita Sanchez
Dam: Rusendale Lone Raider VG 88
Daughter by "Wrap"
Due in November 2013 to Brokaw

 2nd Jr 2yr at Pontiac 

Rusendale Lakita Sanchez
Rusendale Lakita Sanchez  Holstein Canada
Lakita has a daughter by Fever due to calve July 2013!
The dam of Lakita is Rusendale Lone Raider VG-88

Fresh and is ready to see the classifier!

 VG-86 2Yr daughter of Lazar Carisma 

Rusendale Ladder Dundee
Rusendale Ladder Dundee  Holstein Canada
2-07 P. 12,565 kg 3.8% 3.0% (282-285-283)
Ladder is due June 2013 to "Lexor"

 EX 2E Leader Daughter of Lizzy 

Rusendale Logan Leader EX 2E
Rusendale Logan Leader EX 2E  Holstein Canada
5-09 364 15,004 kg 4.0% 3.4% (242-255-253)
Dam : Lizzy Charles EX 10* • 2nd Dam : TB-86 4*
Daughters x Outside EX, Atlas & Baxter

 VG-87 Lizzy daughter x Integrity 

Rusendale Lorna Integrity VG-87
Rusendale Lorna Integrity VG-87  Holstein Canada
6-08 365 17,459 kg 4.2% 3.2% (282-328-289)
2 Superior Lactations
Dam : Lizzy Charles EX 10* • 2nd Dam : VG-86 4*
Progeny : 1 EX

 3rd Generation Homebred Excelent! 

Rusendale Laredo Outside EX
Rusendale Laredo Outside EX  Holstein Canada
3-04 365 10,917 kg 4.8% 3.7% (208-263-232)
Daughters by Duplex and Dempsey
Dam: Logan Leader EX 2E • 2nd dam: Lizzy Charles EX 10*
3rd dam : VG-86 4*
Due to Windbrook June 2013

 EX-91 Zenith from 3 generations of EX cows 

Sandy Crest Grassfire EX-91 2E
Sandy Crest Grassfire EX-91 2E  Holstein Canada
Dam: Sandy Crest Fireball EX 2E 1*
Next Dam: Sandy Crest Wildfire EX 3E 4* All Canadian 1994

Daughters by Circuit


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